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Distortion Rules and Conduct Guidelines. 
*Please read this entire document. Vital information is contained within*

1. Distortion does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, against any fellow guild members, based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or personal beliefs. While we don't discourage free speech, we do ask that you be kind and courteous to your fellow gamer! (This means outside the guild too! When you are a part of Distortion, you represent all of us!)

2. Guild meetings will be held once a month unless when absolutely necessary!. Meetings are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged! When you miss a meeting, you miss out on vital information! If possible, please let an officer know that you will be absent so that we can get the information to you at another time that is more convenient for you. (Meeting notes will also be kept and posted to the website or emailed/pm)

3. The guild staff reserves the right to discipline members who disregard the rules by termination of guild membership! Typically, a warning (or multiple) will be issued before this action is carried out. Removal from the guild is an absolute last resort - but please do not test our patience on the matter. A decision to terminate membership is a decision by the officer core as a whole - if you feel you've been wrongly terminated, or treated unfairly by an officer, please feel free to make it known to one of the 2 co-leaders. We will review the event, and try to make the fairest decision possible.

4. Utilize the guild website! Useful information on raid strategy, upcoming guild events, game patch information, etc. will be posted on the website. Contributors to the website are there to help all of us! If you're not reading, there's no sense in keeping a website. 

5. Distortion's guild bank is there to help all of us as a guild! If you need an item from the guild bank, but don't have access, contact an officer. We're not here to bogard items in the bank. Higher rank members of the guild will be allowed access to certain tabs of the guild bank. However, Distortion reserves the right to keep rare, high tier items under officer-only access. If you need a rare or high-tier item, please contact an officer. Once again, we're not here to bogard rare items, but to make sure they are given to the people who most deserve them. Rare and high tier items will also, from time to time, be given out as rewards or contest prizes!

6. Distortion uses a structured guild rank system. That being said, all members of Guild Staff are here for YOU. If possible, when trying to resolve an issue, first contact either your Class Lead, or an Officer. As much as the co-leaders would like to hear each and every issue personally, and make sure each is resolved to the best result of both parties, there are only three of them! Reporting to an Officer or Class Leader helps us quickly solve issues. If you feel like you've tried to resolve an issue by talking with an Officer or Class Lead, and you feel you've been unfairly treated or given an unfair result, then feel free to contact the co-leaders directly.

7. Attendance for raiders is required! We do not have a place for absentee raiders in this guild. If you cannot make a scheduled raid day, please let an officer know in advance. No call, no shows will lose their place on our raid team. Even in an emergency, we do expect some quick blip of communication to let us know of your absence. *We know that you cannot predict an emergency and let us know ahead of time. There are no penalties for an emergency situation. However, multiple emergencies in a short span of time don't often occur.*

8. We expect our raiders to come prepared! Please, don't show up on raid night without: having reviewed all necessary strategies for the week (know the fights), coming prepared with appropriate potions/consumables, as well as any and all attainable buffs necessary for the night. We expect you hold your own weight in the Group.

9. Distortion uses Mumble as a guild. All guild members are encouraged to download Mumble, and participate on our server! For raiding members, Mumble is a requirement. If you refuse to use Mumble while raiding, you will not raid. We also encourage the use of Mumble for any in-game needs - such as PvP or group questing. In addition, if you enjoy a game outside of Wildstar, feel free to use Mumble. If you don't see a dedicated room named for your game, ask an officer! We'd be happy to create one for you (resources permitting).

And lastly, the moment you've all been waiting for:

10. Distortion uses DKP/Loot Council loot rules. What this means is that for showing up on time each week, being prepared, knowing the fights, and downing bosses will give you points necessary to bid on gear. How does the Loot Council play a part? Generally, the Loot Council will be hands-off. The only time Loot Council is needed is when there are equally deserving bidders on loot, that are of equal tenure. Loot council will be a majority decision - the decision will be final. As Loot Council, we have taken a vow to be as unbiased as possible. We strive to uphold this in every decision we make.

11. Having read the rules, please make sure to answer the question labeled "Have you read the Distortion Rules before applying?" with the answer: "Rainbow Unicorn is greater than Bird Strike".

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